Concert 10.11.22, 9 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: voluntary contribution, 3-303€


Vincent Pongrácz


Vincent Pongrácz has been no stranger to the local music and especially jazz scene. Musician, composer and rapper, Vincent has already been causing quite a stir in the past with his projects SYNESTHETIC4 and SYNESTHETIC OCTET, both at home and internationally. As IVO, the Viennese is now embarking on a solo path and releasing "1v0", an album that is definitely far away from what one would call usual. The best way to describe it is "experimental hip-hop with a strong jazz beat and electronic interjections". Each layer of his music - the beats, the rhythms, the vocals as well as the lyrics - are following their own rules and show their own character in a really wonderful way. (Michael Ternai, music austria, translated by FORUM STADTPARK)

Concerts in absolute darkness: already successfully established, this series are dedicated to presentation of experimental musical content with the aim of intensifying the physical experience. Darkroom offers a challenge and a special experience for the audience as well as for the musicians, who usually prepare a special composition for the evening. Until the Corona crisis, the Darkroom was a fixed part of the Forum Stadtpark's music program. In the newly renovated cellar, the darkroom series is also resumed.

Vincent Pongrácz