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debating.society #29

Natascha Strobl: Radicalized conservatism


Everybody is talking about the crisis of social democracy. But many traditional center-right parties are also in decline, or at least in a quandary: Should they open up to progressive urban milieus? Or would they rather sharpen their conservative profile? While Angela Merkel stands for the one model, politicians like Donald Trump or Sebastian Kurz represent the other. They are representatives of a radicalized conservatism.
Natascha Strobl analyzes their rhetorical and political strategies. She shows how they use resentment to mobilize their followers or create their own narratives to exercise "message control" and dismiss criticism as fake news. Instead of substantive debate, they seek confrontation. In their own parties, they reduce democracy, rely on small circles of advisors and personalization. In doing so, according to Strobl, they repeatedly resort to the methods of radical right-wing movements and organizations.

Natascha Strobl, born 1985 in Vienna, is a political scientist and publicist. She writes for The Standard, Zeit online and taz, among others. On Twitter, she publishes assessments of right-wing language and strategies under #NatsAnalyse.

Natascha Strobl: Radicalized conservatism