Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security

A sense of diffuse insecurity has gripped people's hearts. Studies show that, even before the pandemic, just about everyone in this society feels visibly precarious - even those who seem to have everything.
Those who talk about security usually talk about external borders, drug dealers, parks and way home. Technical innovations, political ruthlessness and prepper strategies promise the protection of one's own ideal world. But does this really get to the heart of this deep, general insecurity? We don't think so!

We have to talk about security - but differently than it has been done so far!

Therefore, the FORUM STADTPARK declares itself a center for security in 2022. In the heart of the new Graz' "security zone" an open-subversive think tank will be created, where expertise about human as well as planetary security-needs will be collected and alternatives and utopias will be formulated.

What fears determine our lives and where do they come from? Who or what is really in danger? And what makes us really safe?

Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security


Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security

February - December 2022

Catrin Bolt – "unser": year-round from 11.2.2022
"intimacy/privacy" photographic exhibition: 11.2. - 5.3.2022
Center for Security – Season Opening: 8.4.2022
Feminism conference: 27. – 28.5.2022
Child Safety Fair: 11.6. – 7.7.2022
Security Talk – Lecture series: 20.4., 11.5., 15.6.., 13.7., 14.9., 12.10.2022
Security Talk – Exhibition: 11.11.-17.12.2022
Forumkitchen: 25.5., 29.6., 28.9., 19.10.2022
Security Festival: 11.-12.11.2022
"Forum mit System": performance, November / December 2022


Forum Stadtpark – Center for Security