TATTOO-WORKSHOP „Forever mine!“

Forum Stadtpark is looking for children aged 7 to 11 (+/- depending on interest) who want to participate in a tattoo workshop by artist Edith Payer and cultural mediator Katrin Prankl!

The results of the workshop will be incorporated into the Child-Safety-Fair at Forum Stadtpark.

Info and registration until 08.05.2022 under:
Edith Payer, 0699/19583892

TATTOO-WORKSHOP „Forever mine!“

The workshop will consist of an entertaining introduction to the history of the art of tattooing and a discussion on the nature, meaning and purpose of tattoos. In the practical part and under supervision, children will be able to work with a real tattoo machine.

How to develop a tattoo template? How to transfer it to the skin and what is important so that you can enjoy the motif forever? What are the dangers of tattooing? And which areas are particularly painful when tattooing? Is tattoo ink really toxic and why do tattoos look so different after many years? Such and other questions are seriously but humorously discussed with the participating children. Afterwards, kids will be able to make real tattoos - on a potato man, woman or animal, various fruits and latex artificial skin - of course, under special safety precautions.