Catrin Bolt – unser

Every year, FORUM STADTPARK commissions an artist to carry out an intervention on or in the building, reflecting the current programmatic focus. The kick-off comes from Catrin Bolt, who has developed her own security concept for the house.

Over the course of the year, the artist will carve 52 crucifixes from various types of wood, which will be placed somewhere in the building - a new one each week. A simple act and an all-too-present sign, found almost everywhere in our everyday surroundings, playfully exaggerated in the "Center for Security".

The artist appropriates a weighty symbol that is far from unencumbered. Fear and violence lie enshrined in the murdered man on the cross, while people of faith see hope in it. Catrin Bolt's crucifixes are not sacred and consecrated objects, they rather emphasize the physically object-like and their function between fantasy, self-affirmation and all-encompassing control. How do they influence the security situation in FORUM STADTPARK? Does everything stay the same? Do we feel watched, intimidated or sheltered? And more importantly: will we feel safer or more insecure as a result?

Catrin Bolt's art deals with ways of oblivion and repression in the collective memory, as well as with global entanglements of our excessive society. She works mainly with analog photography and site-specific installations made of various materials.

Catrin Bolt – unser

Installation, 11.2. – 31.12.2022