Termine 2014 | Jänner


Zu Gast im FORUM | Club | Maesonic #5

COEO (Sccucci Manucci)
Moony Me | SRGJ | We Are Friends (Maesonic)

Fr, 24.1., 23:00 Uhr, Keller, Eintritt: AK: € 5,-, ab 00:00 Uhr: € 7,-

Die Jungs von Maesonic starten ins neue Jahr und die Linie wird weiter fortgeführt. Diesmal haben sie das symphatische Duo COEO aus München zu Gast, welches mit Releases auf Londons Sccucci Manucci und New Yorks Let's Play House gerade Wellen in der internationalen House-Szene schlägt. Wie gewohnt werden die Gäste von den Residents Moony Me, SRGJ und den We Are Friends unterstützt.


Konzert | zweite liga für kunst und kultur

Lord Mouse And The Kalypso Katz

Do., 30.01., 21:00 Uhr, Keller, Eintritt AK € 5,-

Starting as an active band in 2008, their music was produced independently, with help from Cannery Row Records of Berlin, Jump Up! records of Chicago, Illinois, and Zamzama Productions of Paris, France.

The genre has been all but forgotten, even in its own birthplace of Trinidad. From the inception of the band four years ago, the genre has become slowly recognized as a legitimate and dance-worthy musical form, spreading from Berlin outwards. Although the band is based in Berlin, the members come from all over the world, including the U.S.A., Russia, England, Australia, Poland, France, Italy and of course, Germany.

Aftershowparty mit DJ Furth van der Haam (Aficionados/Gegenwart).